Experiencing pain between the shoulder blades? You need to read this!

A dull aching pain between shoulder blades (known as interscapular pain) is more common than you might think. There are many possible causes of this type of pain including muscle strains and arthritis, however, it is most commonly brought on by poor daily posture and sitting in slouched positions for extended periods of time. For example, upper back pain in the right side and left side can come from spending hours at a time crouched over laptop and computer screens. Does this sound all too familiar?

With a growing number of employees working from home as a result of COVID-19 (this figure currently stands at 49% here in the UK), it is likely that pain between shoulder blades may become an all too common issue as lockdown continues. Many experts in the musculoskeletal field, including Dr Hedge of Cornell University warn that poorly designed work from home setups could have a detrimental impact on your skeletal health.

Hedge explains “If your work-from-home setup isn’t ergonomic, you will accelerate the onset of musculoskeletal problems ranging from neck, shoulder, upper back pain, to hand-wrist problems, to leg problems, all because of working in poor postures.” 

Another major contributor to dull pain between the shoulder blades is muscle strain as a result of lifting weighty objects, taking part in intense sports and exercise activities and even...sleeping. Yes, it’s true! Sleeping in unsupportive positions can cause the muscles between and under our shoulder blades to strain significantly. When you sleep in a position that adds additional pressure to your rotator cuff, the added stress can result in painful tearing. You can develop tendinitis or shoulder impingement syndrome from your bone pressing against your tendons. Unfortunately, over time, this can lead to long term health issues such as chronic upper back pain, in both the right side and left side. 

So how can we prevent and eliminate aching pain between our shoulder blades?

It is well documented that resting in safe, neutral positions which support our spine allows our bodies to relax and recover from strains and aches caused by poor daily posture and muscle injury. With this in mind, we carried out countless hours of research and development to bring you the solution to your pain between shoulder blades and neck.

Introducing our Groove pillow. A unique, memory foam pillow, specifically designed to eliminate aches and pains between your shoulders by providing unrivalled support as you sleep.

What’s so special about the Groove pillow?

Unlike regular pillows on the market, the Groove pillow features a concave dip in the centre. This unique shape ensures that your shoulders and neck are fully supported whether you are sleeping on your side or your back. Additionally, the Groove pillow’s distinctive shape also helps to align the spine, helping it to rest in a neutral position - in turn, relaxing the muscles in your shoulders, neck and back as you rest. 

Thanks to the Groove pillow’s supportive shape, maintaining healthy sleep posture has never been easier. In fact, our customers have reported that they have experienced relief in shoulder pain after just a handful of uses! So whether you are suffering from pain as a result of work from home desk slouching, or poor resting posture, the Groove pillow is here to save the day.

Are you ready to put the Groove pillow to the test?

Don’t just believe the hype. Why not check out what the Groove community have to say in our customer reviews section of our website. 

Wave goodbye to aches and pains and hello to the best pillow for shoulder pain today!